Types of Industrial Safety Gates

Whether working in a factory, warehouse or any other manufacturing environment, industrial safety gates protect employees from hazardous materials that can be dangerous or deadly. A variety of gate designs are available to provide a safe, secure environment for employees and others. Self-closing and self-latching safety gate fit easily against stairways, platforms, and ladders. Self-closing industrial gates usually come in stainless steel and aluminum for high-security applications, and carbon fiber for low-security and aesthetic options. The design of self-closing doors prevents accidental closure and provides additional protection for sliding panels.

Manual, double-fold, roller, self-closing and magnetic types of industrial safety gates offer the convenience of self-locking and easy operation. Depending on the application and type of access, there are several different sizes and styles of these gates. These gates provide easy operation and self-closure features to accommodate wide-open entries and close quickly at the touch of a button.

Many industrial safety gates can be installed with a secondary locking system, which uses a hook and loop system to secure the gate to a stationary unit on the roof. This secondary locking system allows the gate to be opened by a user, without unlocking the first gate. This reduces unwanted access and eliminates the need to climb up and down ladders. Self-closing, self-latching, roller and roof hatches offer convenient solutions for unattended access to unattended work areas. This convenient solution is perfect for roof hatches where a ladder is required for maintenance and repair access.

A variety of industrial safety gates come equipped with safety locking systems. For example, swing gates are designed with non-slip treads for maximum safety. Swinging safety gate may be operated using manual lever, or automated motorized versions are also available. Manual lever or automated gate operation is controlled by one or more remote controls. There are many options for automatic systems including cable-operated, swing, cable-drive, or cable-actuated gates.

Another option for industrial safety gates is a cable-actuated safety gate. The system consists of a large, fully-enclosed gate, normally on top of a steel or aluminum pole. This gate automatically swings open when a sensor activates the latch and shuts down when the gate is lifted. A cable, similar to a radio signal, activates the latch. This type of safe walking device is ideal for areas where there is limited access or for areas that need to be protected from the elements. The cables are made of a thick, resilient nylon fabric, such as polyester, which provide years of safe working environment and protection against harsh weather conditions.

The last type of safe walkway or gate system is a self-closing industrial gate. These systems require a small entry way, typically no larger than a standard window or door frame. The gate rises and shuts in response to a triggering sensor, and automatically closes when the desired opening is reached.

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